Is a labour of love by founder Emiliya a.k.a Foxxy, together with her husband Antoine. Our keto journey began in January 2018 as a trial, exactly like the many different diets we tried in the past. To be honest we were not really hopeful about it. We always tend to be handling our previous diets very well until the moment of the maintanance, where we fail horribly. We got a personal awakening, when we started experiencing the Keto diet’s huge noticeable healthy benefits! Not only were we losing weight steadily, but we also noticed improvement with our general health, skin, metabolism etc. and that’s the moment whether you want it or not, you fall inlove with it and it turns into your lifestyle choice.

Here comes the problem though ... To be able to maintain this lifestyle, you need to find comfort food that suits it and that is keto friendly. When we started back early 2018 there were no choices at all in the UAE market. You could easily find few low carb treats in the stores, but you are risking getting kicked out of ketosis due to multiple non-keto suitable ingredients. This whole situation “forced me” to start experimenting with keto baking - If you know me you’d know that I used to live on sweets! Turns out I am very good at it! I started baking and recording recipe videos on a daily basis. I started bringing keto desserts such as cookies and muffins to friends gatherings, where I’ve got nothing but great feedback and encouragement to start our own keto bakery! With lots and lots of work and sleepless nights, a lot of trials and HUGE amount of support from my husband, we started Keto by Foxxy as a homegrown business. Now we have a HACCP certified kitchen which handles all our produce and we can proudly say that we are named ‘UAE’s best keto bakery’ by thousands of loyal customers, media, influencers, food bloggers etc.

Beyond desserts, we want to transform people’s relationship with food. Whether you’re diabetic, gluten-intolerant, on a keto diet or seeking healthy options, we believe that eating should be the best part of your day, every day! This belief is behind every product we bake, every ingredient we choose and every customer we serve!