1 month / 2 meals + snack (1200 - 1400kcal)

Dhs. 2,500
Number of Days:

Carefully selected, nutritionally balanced and 100% satisfying, are the only words, that can well describe our meals. Enjoy a variety of foods, flavors, textures, while reaching your fitness goals, all with 100% keto approved fresh handpicked ingredients.

NOTE: Our customer service agent will get in touch with you within 24h, to finalize online payment, menu selection and all needed details, once your subscription order has been placed  

*Calories may vary slightly depending on the day and your lunch/dinner selection. However we are trying to meet the total calorie intake for the week as close as possible

* 5 days option excluding SAT and SUN

* 6 days option excluding SUN

Sample Menu:

Lunch Lasagna /Fried Salmon with Asparagus
Dinner Chicken & Green Beans Plate/ Broccoli Salad
Snack Keto by Foxxy Original choco chunk cookie + cucumbers and olives

Lunch Chicken Parmesan/Spinach Artichoke Stuffed Peppers
Dinner Meatballs Zoodles/Tuscan Butter Shrimp
Snack KetoFix House salad
Lunch KetoFix Fried Chicken Burger/Original burger
Dinner Cheese Steak Stuffed Peppers/ Zucchini Pizza Boats
Snack KetoFix Ceaser Salad
Lunch Chicken Fajita Bowl /Asian Beef Salad
Dinner Lamb Koftas With Cucumber Raita/ Zucchini Fritters
Snack Keto by Foxxy Blueberry muffin + cucumber and olives
Lunch KetoFix Margarita pizza/White chicken pizza
Dinner Blackened Salmon With Avocado Salsa/Chicken & Mushrooms with Tomato Cream Sauce
Snack KetoFix House salad
Mirroring Monday

Mirroring Wednesday

* 100% keto friendly ingredients
* Includes 2 main meals and a snack
* Quality ingredients such as premium meat, fresh vegetables, grass-fed butter, organic eggs
* Prepared from scratch with our own in-house recipes
* Good Fats only!
* No processed foods
* No Sugar
* Not a Gluten-Free plan
* For delivery timings check Delivery Policy

A 50 AED charge for a Refundable Bag Deposit will be added to your Cart before Checkout. Please contact our Customer Service Team if you have already paid your Bag Deposit.

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